The Benefits of Earning Your Diploma or Master’s Degree from an Online Certificate Program

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The Benefits of Earning Your Diploma or Master’s Degree from an Online Certificate Program

Are you thinking about earning your Master’s in Social Work through certificate programs in Toronto? There are numerous benefits for students who want to get their Bachelor’s or Master’s in Social Work through this method. Earning a bachelor’s degree normally equates to four more years of schooling and usually costs an investment of more than $40,000. While most jobs require at least a bachelor’s, certificate programs will equip students with much-needed career tools on a much tighter timeline, and for much less money. However, these programs are not always made equal, nor do all of them offer the same opportunities to students.

The first thing you should know is that many certificate programs are offered as either full-time study or part-time study. For students who are not interested in enrolling in a master’s program to obtain their certificate, full-time study is the only option. For students looking to finish their bachelor’s in social work in the quickest amount of time, or who simply prefer to have more flexibility, part-time courses are recommended. Most programs offer at least eight months of coursework for each quarter.

If you are thinking of getting your certificate through a combination of full-time study and part-time work, there are some differences between these two programs. Generally speaking, students must complete at least 60 credit hours or courses to be eligible for graduation from a certificate program. Some programs allow up to three years of post-graduate study, although most will allow two years. In addition, students must complete the necessary credits towards their post-graduate diploma before enrolling in a new program.

By contrast, online degrees don’t typically require students to complete an entire degree to earn their certificate. Rather, students must complete general education requirements and pass a qualifying exam to be awarded their degree. Online degrees are especially popular among people who already have a degree in a field that requires a specific number of credits to continue their education. Online post-graduate certificates, as well, are ideal for recent college graduates who wish to earn their graduate degree while still holding a job. This allows them to pursue additional professional goals while receiving their certificate.

Online certificate programs are often flexible pricing. Students typically pay a reduced tuition rate for their courses online, and many offer financial aid to students who qualify for need-based financial aid. Some colleges even offer student loans or grants to students to help them earn their degrees.

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